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Imprinted Vinyl Binders:The most cost-effective and widely-used material for binder construction, vinyl binders offer a huge range of options for decoration and customization. We have 100's of material and color choices to match or complement your company's corporate identity.

Clear Overlay Vinyl Binders:COL binders have a clear vinyl pocket on the front and back covers and spine that is open at the top to insert and remove your own sheets.  These binders can be reused for many different projects because you can change the sheets making it versatile and cost-effective. 

Entrapment/Embedded Vinyl Binders:A permanent version of the clear overlay binders.  Printed sheets are trimmed to size and encapsulated under a layer of clear vinyl on the front cover, spine, and/or back cover.  It is sealed on all sides to prevent your sheets from being removed.  This binder gives you the option of having a professional full color graphic binder without the cost of screen printing directly on the binder.  Don;t forget that you can selects a custom color vinyl to compliment your artwork.

Polypropylene or polyethylene binders:Poly binders are one of the strongest, most durable types of binders because they are constructed of a single sheet of poly.  Poly is flexible, lightweight, and economical.  Additionally, poly binders are long lasting because they resist dirt, grease, and water and are suitable for variable-climate storage.

Turned Edge Binders: Turned edge binders provide a high quality presentation, generally a paper, cloth, linen, leather, vinyl or printed sheet wrapped around chipboard. Edges are turned in a variety of styles and the binder is then lined with a customer chosen material and finished with decoration if desired.

Paperboard Binders:Paperboard binders are made of heavy-duty paper stock that is printed digitally to display your company’s identity in full color, then can be laminated with an attractive film lamination.  Best for ring sizes upto 1".

Chipboard Binders: The eco-friendly alternative for your “Green-Minded” company! Made of recycled product, this renewable binder is the “skeleton” for most vinyl binders before being wrapped. It looks great with decoration ranging from silkscreen to debossing to custom-printed decals.

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