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Online Company Stores deliver brand control across your organizationMaintain control of marketing & promotional collateral spend


A Company Store provides an easy, efficient way to put your brand in the hands of the people that promote it. Digital output, hard goods, wearables—literally any materials chosen by your company can be made to order, printed on demand or carried as warehouse inventory. Though typically promotional in nature, more and more companies are building stores to enable easy access to training kits, tradeshow displays, business cards and employee uniforms. A Company Store can satisfy real-time demands while ensuring a consistent, cohesive presentation of your brand across platforms, places and people.


Typical users of a Company Store include employees, external sales organizations, contractors, agents, distributors, value-added resellers, integrators, brand licensees and anyone else that requires access to your materials. Because all products may not be appropriate for all users, you can set permissions to control what can be ordered by whom.


PakCom's core strength is procuring, fulfilling, and distributing marketing assets and collateral.

PakCom provides on-line company stores that give employees, distributors, and franchise owners immediate access to promotional items, point of sale products, logo wear, business cards and other products that are branded with your company’s logo.  You maintain control of your brand, of the product selection, and who has access to what products.  We'll work with you to identify what sort of program (if any) makes the most sense for your company’s needs and prepare a detailed plan that outlines the specifications, including products, user groups, and technology requirements.


What are the benefits of implementing a Company Store?

  • Eliminate long lead times for the products you need most frequently
  • Embroider-On-Demand program increases the number of products while eliminating inventory costs
  • Users receive better pricing on small orders
  • Purchase less than minimum quantities (order 1 or 10,000 – it doesn't matter!)
  • Customize products and hold them in inventory
  • Control the types of products that your employees can order
  • Control the artwork (no creative changes by an entrepreneurial employee)
  • Receive concise reporting to track usage


PakCom provides the expertise you need to launch and manage a successful On-line Company Store:

  • PakCom helps you develop a specification and work flow that meets the specific needs of your organization
  • PakCom develops and hosts your on-line company store where authorized users can procure approved items
  • PakCom helps you evaluate, select, source, and delvier the appropriate products for your unique business requirements
  • PakCom provides order management, product fulfillment, and on-going customer service and support
  • PakCom provides complete visability into your Company Store's activity with real-time reporting





Company Store Planning

Download helpful information about the benefits and what it takes to launch a successful Company Store


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