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Why does PakCom require my email address to give me a free whitepaper?

We used to make our whitepapers and demo stores available for anyone to view, download, or demo.  The reality is that the internet is also a lead generation tool.  We now require a valid email address so that we know who is accessing our content.


Is PakCom going to hound me with sales calls and follow-up emails?

No.  We will reach out to you once to follow-up and to gauge where you are in the company store planning process.  At this stage, our goal is to be included in your search for qualified company store providers so that together we can determine if our capabilities meet your unique business needs.  We think that's fair and not an obnoxious way to do business.


Is this whitepaper really that good?

In our very biased opinion, we think so.  If you don't agree, just return it for a full refund.

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