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Online Company Store Solutions Designed to Fit Your Business Needs


We believe that your online Company Store should be designed to meet your unique business needs.  PakCom offers online company stores that are flexible and easily customized.  Sometimes a basic store will meet your current needs, in other instances, you might require a more robust solution.  You can get a sense of the company store attributes that will best fit your business by reviewing the PakCom Company Store Planning Guide


We don't bundle features into expensive packages.  Each feature is enabled or developed specifically for your online Company Store.  You can start slowly with just the "basics" and then add functionality over time as your business needs change and grow.   


Feature Description Implementation
Dedicated Project Manager: Provides a single point of contact for everything relating to your online Company Store

included with every online Company Store


Launch Support Team: Provides a team to manage the design, development, and product selection during the initial launch and subsequent enhancements. included with every online Company Store
Product Selection:

Select the custom branded products that your organization needs.  Your items might include promotional products, business cards, posters, & customer service support items.  Products may be static (one option), multi-variant (select size, color, etc.) or they might be completely customized (upload a logo or enter your information).

use your selections or provide specifications and we can source the products from our vendor partners while managing the entire process
Embroidery on Demand:

Eliminates inventory carrying costs while increasing product selection without increasing unti pricing.

select the embroidered products that fit your brand and requirements
Variable Print on Demand: Enables "self service" of custom products to eliminate the headaches of typesetting and proofing (ie business cards).  The approval process provides centralized control over the entire process. select the printed products  that fit your brand and requirements
Inhouse Fulfillment: We provide same-day order fulfillment and shipping for products held in inventory.  We are able to inspect your products when they hit our loading dock to catch any issues before the products reach your users. we'll help you identify the products that are most cost effectively carried in inventory
Online Company Store Design: We can add your logo to one of our templates or we can develop a completely custom look and feel that mimics your Corporate website provide us with the "look and feel" of the site and our developers will amaze you
 User Groups: This powerful feature enables you to group your target users by attribute and then control product access & pricing for each group.     we'll help you develop the groups that make the most sense for your organization
Co-Branding: Enables you to roll your brand out to distributors and resellers who can add their brand to a particular product.  For example "ABC Brand available at Bob's Store" select the products that need to be available for co-branding
Product Categories: Categorize products by function, geography, co-branding, or any other attribute and you can place products into multiple categories. create categories based on your business requirements
Purchase Approvals: Require order approvals based on product, user, user group, or payment method. tell us how you want to manage your approval process
User Site Access: Control who has access to your online Company Store.  You can use a URL (password protection optional), intranet link, or single sign on from your intranet site. tell us how much control you need to manage your users
User Payment Options: Provide multiple payment options at checkout including credit cards, purchase orders, spending accounts, coupons & gift cards.  You can limit payment options by User Group. tell us how to manage payment options for each User Group
Reporting: Robust 24x7 real time reporting options for order detail, inventory status, shipments, and user activity at the manager level. tell us who should have full reporting access
Data Integration: XML enabled data feeds for ARIBA and SAP for complete integration with your company's enterprice software we'll work with your IT team to enable this functionality


We want your online Company Store to meet the needs of your organization.





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