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Basic Services for Company Stores

A lot of promotional product companies are offering various types of company store solutions.  We encourage you to talk to several companies so that you can make a good decision that fits with your organizations goals.  That said, we believe that every Company Store should have these basic offerings:


Dedicated Project Manager:  

Each Company Store has a dedicated Project Manager that is the main point of contact for everything related to your Company Store.  Your Project Manager understands your brand standards, ordering patterns, product lead times, User and Group management, and webstore order management.  You enjoy a single point of contact who you know understands your business, your brand, and who is your "eyes and ears" in the field.


Live Customer Service: 

We provide live customer service and support via phone and email during normal business hours for each Company Store that we manage.  We understand how reassuring it is to know that you can talk to a live person about your situation who has the authority and resources to provide immediate resolution. 



Each Company Store includes access to our Embroider-On-Demand program.  This program enables you to maintain dozens of SKUs without carrying a single item in inventory.  We have daily pickups of undecorated items from some of the biggest suppliers and our average turn time for embroidering program orders is less than 2 days.  We think that offering more products at very competitive prices with no inventory risk makes a ton of sense.  Check out our Embroider-On-Demand catalog of products we can offer through this program.


In-house Fulfillment: 

Fulfillment projects are managed and performed in house under the watchful eye of your Project Manager.  That means that when your product arrives in our warehouse, your Project Manager confirms the quality of the imprint and the completeness of the order.  Need something to ship quickly?  We've turned projects around within minutes of receiving the request and inventory products for Company Store orders typically ship the same day.


Product Sourcing Flexibility:

We are proud of our capabilities to offer quality promotional products, packaging, and print at competitive pricing.  However, there are situations where products offered in your Company Store are need to be sourced through other channels.  We understand these situations and we make it easy to offer these types of products in your Company Store.




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