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Company Stores Designed for Business Performance


PakCom designs online Company Stores to fit our client's unique business needs.  Sometimes a basic store with minimal functionality will meet your current needs, in other instances, you might require a more robust solution.


Functionality to meet your business requirements

PakCom's process for preparing a proposal to implement a Company Store begins with a detailed review of your corporate objectives and users.  While defining the parameters of a Company Store may be relatively straightforward, the logistical and technical requirements to operationalize it can be a challenge — particularly defining protocols for inventory management, back-office integration, user access, and refreshing the product mix.


PakCom understands both the technical and operational requirements of Company Stores as well as the importance of supporting and protecting your brand with high quality products and controls.  Our expertise includes sourcing the full gamut of print, packaging & promotional items, as well as the ability to define and manage the complex process of setting up the permissions and controls that are needed to protect and promote your brand.


Look and feel like your brand

The look and feel of your online Company Store is just as important as its functionality.  The design of your online company store can range from a basic template to a complex web design that seamlessly blends with your corporate intranet.  


The most basic Company Store option is to simply insert your logo into one of our templates and select an appropriate color scheme.  Our standard template uses a standard left-hand navigation and we use stock icons for each category.  


Sometimes, just adding custom icons or changing the background colors are enough to meet the design requirements without spending a lot on web design.  In other instances, you might needs a seamless look and feel between your intranet and the Company Store. PakCom can also build a completely custom theme that will match the look and feel of your existing website.  This option provides an almost seamless transition from your intranet or website to the Company Store.


In either case, setting up the store requires that we address the details that can be overlooked.  For instance, the auto-generated emails (such as order confirmations and advanced shipping notifications) should be modified for content to provide a cohesive and consistent user experience.



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