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PakCom's Company Store platform can be integrated with a number of procurement applications with XML PunchOut.  


Understanding PunchOut

PunchOut is a protocol for interactive sessions managed across the internet.  PunchOut is a communication from one application to another, achieved through a dialog of real-time, synchronous cXML messages which support user interaction at a remote site.  It is the best way to manage user sessions distributed across web applications.

PakCom's platform supports Procurement PunchOut, which specifically supports interactions between a procurement application and your Company Store. Procurement PunchOut describes the traditional PunchOut scenarios that use the regular PunchOut Setup Request and PunchOut Setup Response. The PunchOut session is initiated with a "PunchOutSetupRequest" and terminates with a posting of a "PunchOutOrderMessage," which contains the initiating transaction's cookie and a shopping cart or "quote." The final purchase order is delivered from the procurement application to the Company Store in an OrderRequest cXML document.


Supported Platforms

PunchOut-enabled procurement applications include:
  • Ariba
  • Oracle iProcurement
  • Ketera
  • SciQuest
  • CommerceOne/PerfectCommerce
  • PeopleSoft
  • SAP
  • Birchstreet
  • ReQlogic
  • PurchasePro
  • B2GNow
  • ExoStar
  • Procure+
  • Prollinx
While the cXML specification attempts to create a standardized way for procurement applications to interface with supplier websites, each application may have unique requirements. PakCom does not guarantee support for every PunchOut enabled application, including all of those listed above and those not mentioned in this article.


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