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Payment Options at Checkout


In addition to credit cards, Users can be authorized to procure products using Purchase Orders, spending accounts, cost center assignments, and coupons.  Spending accounts and purchase orders (usually coupled with approval rules) allows managers to proactivly control their budgets while maintaining the corporate branding guidelines.  In addition, Purchase Order and spending account invocies are directed directly to AP saving time and money.  


The ability to streamline the accounting function for procurement using a Company Store reduces overhead relating to tracking and approving payments to multiple vendors.  The traditional method of Employees purchasing products from multiple vendors using a credit card and submitting and then submitting an expense account is inefficient and lacks purchasing control.  In this situation, employees can make unauthorized spend with unknown vendors with approvals for reimbursement.  Approvals after procurement is like closing the proverbial barn door after the cows have left the barn.


If you decide to include promotional products, wearables, and corporate gifts in your Company Store, then you can also use coupons and other promotions enable managers to provide incentives and token rewards for a job well done.



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