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Product Delivery Options to Reduce Cost & Improve Service

Being smart about managing your product delivery will save your company money while providing a better experience for your Users.  There are basically 3 ways to manage products in your online Company Store:

    • Manufactured to Order
    • Held in inventory
    • Digital Download


Manufactured to Order

Products that are manufactured to order typically have one or more of these attributes:

  • require customization at the time of the order (business cards)
  • short manufacturing lead time (avoid overseas production)
  • have short shelf life (fruit baskets), or
  • have large number of variations (shirt size & color)



Each Company Store includes our Embroider-On-Demand program. This program enables you to maintain dozens of items in your online Company Store catelog without carrying a single item in inventory. We have daily pickups of undecorated items from some of the biggest suppliers and our average turn time for embroidering program orders is less than 2 days. We think that offering more products at very competitive prices with no inventory risk makes a ton of sense.  Check out our Embroider-on-Demand catalog to see the products that can be included in your online Company Store.



Web-to-Print is a web-based application that allows online generation of print ready files that can be individually modified, proofed, and delivered to printers for processing and printing. Typically, the web-to-print products focus on reports and business cards - but it is also used for banners, large format printing, packaging, and promotional products.


PakCom's Company Store platform is fully integrated with industry standard web-to-print capabilities. With our available approval engine, you can review, approve or decline any variable print project in real time. Our customers simply decide which products should have this capability and we take care of the rest.


Held in Inventory

Products that are held in inventory typically have one or more of these attributes:
    • longer manufacturing lead time (overseas production)
    • standardized accross your organization (no customization)
    • realize significant cost savings when manufactured in bulk (high setup costs)
Pakcom operates a climate controlled warehouse here in Waltham where we manage inventory for company stores. We monitor product usage and advise our customers on reorder quantities based on usage, production lead times, and quantity price breaks.


Digital Download

Digital assets, such as artwork, contracts, forms, and videos can be provided as products in your online Company Store.  Combined with our Web-to-Print capabilities, your Users can simply fill in the blanks and download a static PDF of their document that includes their customized information.  A great example of the advantage of this technology is a sales contract.  The User can add their information and a customer's information but they do not have access to change any of language in the document.  This prevents any "special deals" that could put your company at risk.




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