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Manage User Access 

User access to your company store can be through several portals:

  • Custom log-on page
  • Single Sign-On
  • Custom URL
  • Advanced log-on and log-off feature


Custom Log-on page

A custom log-on page allows you to create a unique log-on experience for your users with a custom look, feel and branding.  Creating a custom logon page requires that we (or you) construct an html document (or other similar type of web page) and host the page on our website or on your website.


Single Sign-On

PakCom's Single Sign-On service allows companies that maintain a user database that is external to our platform to seamlessly log a user into your Company Store without the user re-entering a user name and password. In these scenarios, users are typically authenticated on their own systems first and then gain access to the Company Store via a web browser.  Our Single Sign-On service handles user creation and group assignments, eliminating the need to sync external user databases with the Company Store user database.


Logon Page Configuration

If you opt to use PakCom's Company Store Template, we can configure an integrated Log-on Page that provides a simple, personalized log-on page for your customers and your company.  The log-on page would include your company Logo and custom message and a link to the page may be distributed as a bookmark, embedded on a website, or redirected from a custom URL.


Advanced Custom Log-on Page Features

If you are using a custom log-on page, there are several advanced features you may incorporate to control and handle various scenarios. PakCom provides options for:

  • Log-off handling
  • Log-on and session error handling
  • Directing a user to a specific product or category upon log-on




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