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Identify and Manage Company Store User Groups


Segment your Company Store users to maximize flexibility, maintain control, & drive adoption across your organization.  Your comany store may have 1,000's of users, and organizing them into a handfull of User Groups makes administrating them much more manageable.


Selecting User Groups

A User Group is a selection of Users that share certain attributes or permission settings.  Depending out your Company's needs, you can manage each groups settings, including:

    • Enable purchase orders, spending accounts, or coupons 
    • Control access to products or product categories
    • Trigger approval rules
    • Run reports for other orders in the same group
    • Share product pricing, variants, or Logo options


Users can belong to multiple groups - which adds even more flexibility.  For instance, you might use an ALL EMPLOYEES group that has access to free business cards with a built-in approval process.  You might have another group called OUTSIDE SALES which has access to New Customer Welcome Kits, electronic downloads of updated sales materials, and a selection of travel-related promotional products. (Hint: use a ven diagram to think through the group attributes)


User Group Example

PakCom provides a Company Store for a client who markets their product through a network of over 6,000 Independent Dealers accross North America.  Each Dealer has multiple Users that have access to order products.  To prevent duplicate orders from multiple Users at the same Dealer and to enable multiple Users at the Dealer to see the Order History or place re-orders, we created a Group for each Dealer (that's over 6,000 groups with multiple Users per group) and placed each User from that Dealer into the group.  The net effect is that every User associated with that Dealer Group can see all of the orders for that entire Dealer Group.



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