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Order Approval Rules

PakCom's approval process engine allows for complex purchasing scenarios.  Approval processes are managed via a series of approval rules.  There are two aspects of every approval rule:

  • The attributes that flag a rule for approval - for instance a product, a product category, a user, or a user group
  • The person or persons who will be approving an order. 


Parallel and Sequential Approvals

Approvals are an important feature to control access to products in the Company Store.  Some variable data items (such as business cards) should be approved by HR for correct titles (Imagine how many people would have the title of "President and CEO" if everyone could choose their own titles!).  If you have Users that can charge products to a cost center, so they really need to order an extra 2 dozen golf balls just before their Florida vacation?  


There are two different approval rule types, each of which is processed differently:

Parallel Rules: These are processed simultaneously and the order of approvals is not important. However, all required managers must approve the order prior to it being submitted. If any manager declines the order, the order is declined.  No individual manager may override a declined order.

Sequential Rules: These are processed one at a time and in the order they are listed in the Administrative interface.  You may configure the order in which they are processed.  Sequential rules are processed each time an order is submitted or approved, starting with the first rule.  If the first rule is found to be true, rule processing stops and the order is sent to the designated manager. If it is found to be false, rule processing continues and the next rule is evaluated.  This process continues until all rules have been evaluated and all necessary approvals have been granted. When concluded, the order is submitted.  Any manager can decline the order.



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