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Make the Switch

Switching Company Store providers can seem like a daunting and uncomfortable task.  We understand this dynamic and we work hard to make sure it's as painless of a transition as possible.  We understand that not every provider can be a great fit with every customer.  We don't tolerate vendors that don't meet our needs; we should expect our customers to do the same.

We have a very methodical approach to helping you determine if PakCom is a good fit for your online Company Store.

The first step is having an honest conversation about what isn't working with your current situation.  There are a lot of "easy" issues to address, but sometimes the underlying challenge is more complex.  If you are switching because of poor quality products, high minimum order sizes, or long lead times, then we can draw very clear comparisons.  However, if the issues are related to your current technology integration, organizational needs, or complex approval processes, then we will need to spend some time really digging into the situation before we can confirm that switching to us is a good option for you.

If we can solve the underlying reason(s) that you are switching vendors, then we need to go through the Planning Guide to make sure that we can meet all of the other requirements of your Company Store program.  It doesn't make sense to solve one issue by creating another. 

Contact Us to have a conversation about switching your online Company Store to PakCom.


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Contact Pakcom

PakCom Incorporated
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Phone: 781-890-3888
Fax: 781-890-3886

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