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Why do I need your designers for my project when I have an in house agency?design-popcornbag1

From concept to delivery, we have expertise every step of the way.  Sometimes you need a simple "tweak" to your artwork to adapt it for embossing, embroidering, or screen printing.  Other times you may need a comprehensive design and brand adaptation for new product packaging.  We're ready to provide assistance where ever it's needed.

Make our ideas your ideas

We are committed to preserving your brand identity while providing you with a unique but effective product or program to get your message across.  We take the time to understand your brand and your target audience before offering ideas and solutions around the requirements and constraints presented.  We are not bound by company politics, manufacturing capabilities, or a commission schedule.  We put our best effort into providing the best solution.

Our tactical approach ensures manufacturability

Manufacturability is an important component of any design.  Try foil stamping a  4CP logo with a tag line in 4 point text.  We understand the constraints of various production techniques so we can anticipate problems and avoid problems once production begins.  Some people may claim something can’t be done – and they’re right if you limit your options to their manufacturing equipment.  That’s where our knowledge and expertise can make a big impact.



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